PTFE hose with vacuum helix and para-aramid braid


Our PTFE hose type NFN-V with para-aramid braid is a very flexible universal hose with a convoluted PTFE liner, vacuum helix and abrasion-resistant, non-metallic braid. This means there is no risk of injury from protruding metal strands. The hose liner consists of seamless extruded PTFE. The para-aramid braid with carbon fibre makes the hose universally deployable, very flexible and light. The yarn used for the braid is completely resistant to UV radiation, making it perfect for outdoor use, especially in countries with high UV exposure.

PTFE hose type NFN-V

Our PTFE hose type NFN-V with vacuum helix and para-aramid braid offers high compressive strength and high chemical resistance against all media (pH 0-14), except molten or dissolved alkali metals and elemental fluorine. Accordingly, our PTFE hose with para-aramid braid is frequently used as a suction or pressure hose in chemical, pharmaceutical or food plants. We can offer a variety of fittings and materials for all our PTFE hoses and are pleased to respond flexibly to customer requests. In addition, smooth ends and flared or lined fittings are also possible with our PTFE hoses. Complete traceability of our hoses is ensured by the serial number on the crimp collar.

Technical specifications

p-T diagram


Cover N/A
Braiding Para-aramids with conductive fibers
Fittings Crimped or flared
Inserts N/A
Temperature -70 °C / +260 °C
Vacuum With a vacuum helix, up to 66.25 mbar absolute at 20 °C
Max. length 10 m, longer lengths on request
Standard/approval FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, FDA 21 CFR 178.3297, USP XXXVI Class VI, EC 1935/2004, free of TSE & BSE

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