The right solution for every industry

The requirements for pressure, temperature, flexibility, and the environmental effects differ depending on the industry. As a manufacturer for industrial hoses, we have gained much experience over the last decades. This experience will provide you with valuable help in choosing the right hose line. Since 1990, Neotecha has been supplying a large number of well-known companies from the pharmaceutical, chemical industry, the pulp and paper industry, as well as form the steel and food sector.

Pharmaceutical industry
Our pharmaceutical hose lines offer the right combination for highest demands, as well as for high demands for cleanliness and hygiene and the requirement for high flexibility and a high temperature range. Learn more about relevant specifications of the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical industry
For chemical processes there are especial regulations as well as safety precautions to mind. In this case, particular attention must be paid to the selection of the suitable materials for the hose line. They must be suitable for the media being transported as well as resistant against physical and chemical effects. Our hoses fulfil all relevant properties for use in the chemical industry.

Paper and pulp industry
Maximum stability and full flexibility are required for loading and unloading hoses in the paper production. Our PTFE and silicone hose lines combine all relevant properties for the requirements of the paper and pulp industry.

Steel industry
Aggressive environmental conditions prevail, especially during the pickling process of sheet steel. Precisely for this demanding area Neotecha offers extremely robust PTFE hoses with exceptionally resistant metallic and plastic braid. Learn more about relevant specifications of the steel industry.

Food industry
Hoses for the food industry must comply the national and international requirements in order to ensure that no substances hazardous to health are transferred to the food. With Neotecha you will find the right hose line for the application in the food industry.

Every industry has its own requirements – we have the right solution!
Out of the great variety of different hose types, we select the special properties that are optimal for your application. As one of the leading specialists for high-quality industrial hoses, we also fulfill special requests and manufacture exactly to the design that meets your requirements. When it comes to highest demands, Neotecha is your perfect partner.