Thinking masterpieces

Innovative. Flexible. Fast

Neotecha is known as a problem solver that faces every technical challenge. The small one as well as the big one. From design to manufacture. In many cases we are even willing to undertake joint development projects with our customers and invest in the corresponding resources. We do this because on the one hand, we face every technical challenge with enthusiasm. On the other hand, because we trust in our engineering skills, our craftsmanship and special knowledge, that allow us to think and act like a manufacture. Innovative, flexible and fast.

Hands-on mentality with most modern machines

Neotecha’s manufacturing thinking will impress you in many ways. For example, our short response times. This is possible because we design and produce tailor-made industrial hoses for different purposes almost entirely in-house. And finally with the most modern special machines, some of which have been made for us. As well as in manual work this principle of operation is inevitable when achieving our high-quality requirements for covers, flanges, stainless steel braiding & Co. Additionally, you can profit from many other advantages:

  • Thanks to Neotecha’s intelligent information management, all employees have access to the company’s universal special knowledge and can offer you a first-class and proactive service.
  • Production from batch size 1 to series production larger quantities.
  • Flexible and fast manufacturing from especial niche products.
  • Reduction of complexity during the purchasing process thanks to our all-in-one-hand principle as well as fast availability of components and products.
  • Great sense of responsibility and maximum customer orientation.
  • Exceptionally high investment willingness in all measures that increase the daily comfort of use, safety as well as quality of our industrial hoses.

Ultimately, for us as a family company, manufacturing thinking also means handshake quality. It means including a personal level in the cooperation with the customer and experiencing values such as reliability, honesty, and communication at eye level and extensive service on a daily basis.