Neotecha hoses for optimal compensation of forces

If hoses have to compensate or reduce forces, all Neotecha products are the ideal choice. Especially our PTFE convoluted hoses. For example, because they absorb and compensate distensions optimally. Like in pipelines. Furthermore, Neotecha hoses are convincing when it comes to decoupling (e. g. from reactors to lead cells) and reducing vibrations that can occur behind compressed air diaphragm pumps.

Pressure compensation for industrial hoses

Since some substances can expand greatly when evaporating, a pressure relief valve is necessary to compensate the pressure. Neotecha hoses enable even force compensation, so that there is constantly even pressure on the hose.

Distension compensation for industrial hoses

Pipes and fittings leak due to the stress caused by thermal expansion or misalignment. Solution: The asymmetrically split housing and the metal-on-metal- sealing enable Neotecha products to withstand any pipe stress that may be caused by thermal expansion or misalignment.