Neotecha hoses are cold & heat resistant

Pressure, connection, medium and further factors influence the durability of hoses. Neotecha manufactures hoses that operate in a temperature range within -70 °C to +260 °C.

Temperature resistance from -70 °C up to +260 °C

We are familiar with tricky challenges – with extreme temperatures too. Our Neotecha hoses can hold up high and low temperatures as required. This makes our hose lines suitable for almost all areas of application. Especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, resistance to high temperatures is indispensable.

Heat-resistant & high-temperature hoses

When used at high temperatures, hoses are exposed to high stress. This includes, for example, the transport of hot gases, powders, and other substances. Similarly, the use of hoses at elevated operating or ambient temperatures represents an enormous burden. In order to holp up to this, high-temperature hoses require a very high heat resistance as well as a pronounced abrasion resistance. Our flame-retardant/heat-resistant hoses have these characteristics and are the perfect solution for the use at elevated operating temperatures.