Chemical and temporal resistance of Neotecha hoses

Neotecha guarantees absolute resistance to all media in the pH range from 0 to 14. Exception: molten or dissolved alkaline metals and elemental fluorine.

About the durability of industrial hoses

The suitability of a hose is essentially determined by its resistance against the chemical to be conveyed. Especially in the chemical industry and in pharmaceutical production plants, it is indispensable that the hose cover and core are resistant against chemical substances.

Neotecha hoses are resistant

Our hose lines are characterized by a high resistance against chemicals, alkalis, acids, UV, and ozone. In addition, we can guarantee the durability of our PTFE hoses. And that is because: PTFE is not subject to aging and can be stored indefinitely. All our hoses are manufactured to the highest quality standards and from carefully selected materials. Due to the high-quality composition and high media resistance, our hose lines are not only used in the cosmetic and food industry, but also in pharmaceutical productions plants as a connection between pipes, plant components and reactors.