Conductive hoses from Neotecha

Conductive materials impede static loading and thus prevent the spark formation. Ideal for explosion zones, whether inside or outside of pipelines. Depending on this, Neotecha individually adjusts the configuration of the hose.

Conductive hose for the protection against static loading.

In applications, where static loading is generated (e. g. media with high flow speed), we recommend anti-static PTFE hoses. Since friction between the transported medium and the hose wall can lead to formatting of highest electrostatic potentials and, in extreme case, to spark discharges. The medium may ignite by electric sparks or there may be holes in the hose. The safest protection against electrostatic loading occurring, is impeding it in the first place. This can be achieved by selecting the right hose. For this purpose, Neotecha offers you hoses that can discharge the static loading.

Our antistatic and conductive industrial hoses

With our conductive hose lines, the core of the hose is made of seamlessly extruded PTFE in electrically conductive design. This way our conductive industrial hoses are also suitable for operation in potentially explosive areas (EX zone 0)

Our anti-static PTFE hoses are available in smooth and convoluted design. Due to the filler, the color of the antistatic PTFE hoses is often black.