Thinking forward

The future of the pipeline

Neotecha is one of the leading specialists for high-quality industrial hoses. But why do we find ourselves in this top position? How was it possible to successfully develop a start-up founded in a garage 1990, into a company that is now trusted across many industries and around the world? A company that one can rely on to solve just about any problem, often before the situation turns into a problem? There are indeed many reasons for it. But perhaps the most important is: Because when we think, we always think forward (ahead).

Because when we think, we always think forward

For Neotecha, thinking forward is not exclusively limited to focusing on the challenges and solutions of the future. Rather, we want to concretely include them in the planning process, as well as in the one of your company.

Here two examples:

  • We proactively anticipate possible problems in the assembly and application of industrial hoses. This resulting into our company constantly achieving improvements in terms of comfort of use, safety, value preservation and service life.
  • We support you in advance through technical consulting on the spot with our leading application and process knowledge. In the case of new developments, Neotecha is, under certain circumstances, willing to take part of the risk. This way, we live the principle of customer proximity far beyond the areal aspect.

To make a long story short: With Neotecha you have a partner on your side who makes your daily business easier for today and the future. Simply because we have ideas, innovations, and products in the pipeline. Which brings us back to our industrial hoses and the highest quality made in Austria.