Neotecha hoses convince by easy cleaning

As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial hoses, we have already tested many hose lines regarding their cleanability. Since optimum hose quality also involves easy and fast cleaning. Whether, it is outside, inside or both. Therefore, Neotecha supplies hoses with smooth outer surfaces and cores made of PTFE or silicone, which additionally to easy cleaning, guarantee and trouble-free emptying.

Surface cleaning and self-cleaning of industrial hoses

Hoses with a smooth liner ensure a particularly easy external cleaning. When it comes to self-cleaning, our convoluted hoses, which are manufactured within a small tolerance range, are convincing. Because the flat, round, spiral convolutions enable a clean flow of media. This promotes easy self-cleaning and allows a maximum flexibility with a minimum bending radius as well.

Easy to clean hose core

Especially in pharmaceutical production plants and in the food industry, is easy cleanability of hose lines or hoses vital. This is not just about efficiency. Suction and transport hoses for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as chemicals, require a hose core that is easy to clean in order to meet the requirements of maximum cleanliness and hygiene.