Thinking service

More than premium industrial hoses

Neotecha stands for excellent industrial hoses. In addition, we have acquired a top reputation in the service area over the years. The latter results on one side from our widespread special knowledge and our experience. On the other side from our closeness to our customers and thereby arising knowledge of their particular needs. Furthermore, there is our entrepreneurial consciousness. Because we do not see ourselves as a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of premium industrial hoses only. But also, as a reliable and close companion during the whole collaboration.

What you can expect from us during this time:

  • Excellent service e.g.: in the areas of coding, hose-inspection, audit reports, delivery speed, hose-service etc.
  • High advisory skills on-site including support through our widespread knowledge in usage and process.
  • Fast and flexible delivery logistics through pursuant vertical range of manufacture and high stock.
  • On-site-presence there, where you need our expertise as consultant, troubleshooter, developer etc.
  • Neutral inspection of existing (external) hose-systems including preparation of an audit report as basis of decision-making in maintenance.

What’s for sure: Through consequent service philosophy Neotecha builds attractive added value, which goes far beyond putting high-quality industrial hoses at the disposal and the resulting benefits. For example, in the major area of safety.