Paper and pulp industry

Neotecha has been one of the top addresses in the paper and pulp industry in German-speaking countries since 1990. Especially when it comes high-quality industrial hoses that must meet individual requirements.

As a problem solver and specialist for PTFE and silicone hose lines we provide not only special products, but first-class standard goods as well. Manufactured in a clean environment, with cutting-edge machines as well as through manual work where it is inevitable to achieve high quality standards.

Therefore, well-known companies from the paper and pulp industry know and appreciate us not only as a supplier, but as cooperative and forward-thinking manufacture for first-class industrial hoses.

Maximum stability through anti-kink protection
The paper and pulp industry works a lot with loading and unloading hoses. To ensure that the hose will not kink, Neotecha refines it with a vulcanized anti-kink protection which suits the hoses perfectly and helps to stabilize it.

Complete flexibility in braiding
Neotecha produces braiding from stainless steel and plastic in-house This enables complete flexibility in the selection of the pression carrier and optimum adaptation even to very demanding, so to say, aggressive environmental conditions.

Further specifications relevant to the paper and pulp industry :

  • Hoses from DN 06 to DN 150 in conductive or non-conductive design
  • Connections with external corrosion protection.
  • Hoses that can be connected to containers with special connections without the need of an adapter (e. g. IBC container)
  • Arc-shaped connections

See further requirements Neotecha hoses meet.