Neotecha hoses are abrasion-resistant & robust

Thanks to an abrasion-resistant cover and intelligent construction, Neotecha hoses are exceptionally robust. A high-quality stainless-steel mesh protects the liner and limits the bending radius simultaneously. Therefore, our abrasion-resistant industrial hoses are optimally suited for rough operation. Our hose lines are often used in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and biotechnology. Since abrasion-resistant industrial hoses are particularly suitable for moderately aggressive, liquid, gaseous, chemical, and pharmaceutical products.

That is why industrial hoses must be abrasion-resistant & robust

Abrasion is the undesirable loss of material on surfaces caused by the friction between two materials – so called wearout. Depending on the material to be conveyed, there are different variants of the abrasion-resistant hoses. For example, when conveying substrates with sharp edges the hose liner is exposed to enormous stress. Therefore, we also manufacture hoses specially designed for the transportation of such an abrasive media.