Thinking quality

Much better than one thinks!

Neotecha defines quality as the sum of all characteristics which distinguish every product or solution from our company. The fact that our skill range starts with the simple standard industrial hose and extents itself to highly complex solutions exclusively at premium level made in Austria, is the result of our consequent quality thinking. Herewith are precision, comfort of use and safety an absolute priority. But what does that mean in concrete terms?

First quality industrial hoses

As quality leader and supplier of the most customer-friendly solutions on the market we rely on maximum in-house production depth as well as on our manufacturing expertise. In other words, we rely on the highest degree of precision, comfort of use and safety that can only be achieved with special machines and in cooperation with selected partners among clearly defined areas. Wherefore you can expect on industrial hoses with special features based on intelligent material combinations, pression carriers and well though-out connections.

Further quality benefits:

  • Neotecha promises maximum safety through a high degree of precision in all processes of production and processing.
  • With laser coding, test protocols and certificates, documentation, detailed technical solutions to increase work safety etc. Neotecha achieves additional value in terms of safety and traceability.
  • Every hose line only leaves our manufacture after going through an extensive quality inspection and with a built-in safety reserve.
  • Perfect applicability for EX-area by using conductive materials that prevent static loading.
  • Constant high level of quality thanks to own vulcanization ovens and hose press machines as well as the use of for Neotecha specially made braiding machines.

The fact is: Because quality without qualification is unthinkable, Neotecha offers its employees first-class conditions for their extensive material and processing expertise to constantly get increased, and this way to further develop our unique masterpiece thinking to your benefit.