Neotecha hoses guarantee safety

Safety is one of the most important requirements in our company. Because metal strands of stainless-steel braiding can break and protrude over time, there is a high risk of injury, especially for the palm of the hand. To reduce this safety risk to zero, Neotecha works with non-metallic and high-strength materials, or hoses with a cover as an outer protective layer.

The selection of material for the cover depends on the environmental conditions regarding possible chemical and temperature influence.

For optimum user safety: hoses with protective cover

For certain industrial hoses there is the option of a cover made, whether of silicone or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM). These make the hose safe for use. However, they not only protect against injuries caused by protruding metallic strands, but provide improved properties as well:

  • Hoses line with vulcanized silicone cover show a high thermal resistance.
  • Improved handling can be guaranteed due to the reinforcement with a durable and kink-resistant EPDM cover

A non-metallic braiding is safe and facilitates work

Our hoses with a mesh of polypropylene or para-aramid are universally applicable, very flexible and light. This makes it easier to fill canisters or containers, for example. It is very important to us that our industrial hoses are safe and easy to use.