Partner of pharmaceutical industry

Neotecha has been supplying all well-respected pharmaceutical companies in German-speaking area since 1990. Whereas, supplying falls short. Since as specialist for PTFE and silicone hoses we see ourselves as a forward-thinking partner in the pharmaceutical sector.

As a manufacturer for industrial hoses that deals intensely with the requirements of the industry, and those of each individual customer. The results are first-class standard and special products manufactured in a clean environment. Produced with cutting-edge machines. And through manual work wherever it is indispensable to achieve highest quality standards.

Complete traceability and test transparency
Neotecha saves all parts used during the production process and links them to the respective hose serial number. We store the latter on our own test stand before the quality test, so that the pressure and leakage test is automatically logged and saved. This way we can guarantee not only absolute traceability of all materials used, but maximum test transparency as well.

Easy cleaning
Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, optimal hose quality means easy and fast cleaning. External as well as internal, or both. Neotecha guarantees this benefit thanks to hoses with a smooth external surface and cores made of PTFE or silicon, which apart from easy cleaning enable trouble-free emptying.

All relevant conformities
Neotecha offers a variety of conformities. Among others, those of the American health authorities FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and USP (United States Pharmacopeia)

Further specifics relevant to the pharmaceutical industry

  • Neotecha provides connections with internal surfaces in the necessary roughness
  • Materials of the connection selectable as desired
  • Connections electrically polished
  • Miner clearance at the bonding area
  • Neotecha checks priorly the necessary hose lengths on the spot to guarantee optimal installation.

See further requirements Neotecha hoses meet.